About Us

Who is Xina Allen?

Xina Allen is an extraterrestrial being; a Blue Avian. He is the general of the Blue Avian Peace Army, a collective consciousness whose mission with humanity is to aid in our ascension. He provides guidance by simplifying complex spiritual material so that we may more easily integrate it into our daily lives. He also transmits energy attunements - channeled art that works at a metaphysical level to help clear the blocks in our energy field. Carol was introduced to Xina during a meditation in Taiwan in September of 2018.

Who is Carol Morgan?

I am a channel of divine wisdom for Xina Allen, a blue avian being. I am a spiritual mentor, a public speaker and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I grew up in Costa Rica and came to the United States for college. After three decades of corporate career I changed course to pursue happiness. I am helping others in their ascension journey through a variety of channeling, mentorship and coaching services.

I currently reside in Minnesota with my husband and two children, and I am creating our way to the Black Hills of South Dakota where my ministry and heart call.


Who is The Xina Allen Partnership

We are a like-minded group who has been called together in partnership. We are five beings from different walks of life and geographic locations with a shared value of bringing uplifting energy and simplified messages to those with whom it resonates.

Our partnership works with Xina Allen to bring forth his attunements and share his messages of upliftment.