The Birth of a Partnership

Have you ever had an idea so big that it paralyzes you, never to be materialized?

The Story of Xina Allen LLP, by Carol Morgan


Well, this idea started in that fashion: BIG. I did not know how I was going to execute it, but I was assured I’d find my tribe. So I did, and Xina Allen LLP was born.

Here’s our story:

In January of 2018 I started drawing things that I did not understand. My hand started moving in the air during meditation, making a relentless T shape with a spiral at the bottom. I wasn’t sure what to do with this, so I grabbed a pencil and paper, and let things flow. What came though was completely foreign to me: symbols and shapes that I could not have fathomed on my own. I have never considered myself an artistic person and I thought my life was definitely lacking in the creativity department. But here I was, presented with an opportunity.

When I came out of my office and showed my husband what I had drawn he was fascinated. He’s been relentless in his quest for truth and has spent many hours listening to information about history, the evolution of mankind, extra-terrestrial contact, the paranormal and the ethereal. But me, although I did not dismiss these topics, I was content with what I could see and thought I could control. I went to bed that night right after drawing, while he stayed up late trying to make sense of it.

My second drawing came two months later. By then I was regularly channel-writing, but I still did not know what the first drawing was about. It came accompanied by some text and more symbols. Here is an excerpt:

“The doors are now open. You will now see. There is no limit to the creative capacity of Spirit, which is you, which is all. You must walk the path which is your destiny, to lead humanity to the light. There are times of uncertainty ahead where your balance is needed. Open you heart and surrender.”

My third drawing came the following month, on April 14. This one seemed more refined, and the symbols became more complex. I still did not know what these drawings meant, but I felt their beauty and their power. They were telling a story.

Nothing else came through until September 23, 2018. "My name is Xina, my name is Xina indeed". I first heard these words in beautiful Taiwan. It was powerful realizing I had just met a Blue Avian being in an out-of-body experience that took me to the Swiss Alps. His next words: “We have made contact. We are now connected.” Little did I know this was going to evolve into the intense, loving relationship that it has.

I eventually came to understand that the drawings are meant to be energy attunements or upgrades. Understanding them is not necessary, and there are no human words for them: they work at an energetic level. Each being will get from them what they need, and the meaning will change depending on perception and understanding. By November of that year he had a adopted the name of Xina Allen when my son misspelled “Xina Alien” in a Thanksgiving drawing. That became the gift of a pseudonym to get his amazing work out in the world for those who may not be ready for the unconventional source.

I knew then that I had something very special in my hands that needed to be shared. I also knew that I did not have the knowledge or the resources to do it on my own. However, I trusted in that guidance that told me I’d be supported, and my family would find me.

I met Janet Alford in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in March of 2019.

There was an instant familiarity with her I could not explain. She was easy to be with and talk to. We both seem to be wired for business, project management and efficiency creation. We were a match! In Janet’s words:

“Hi, I am Janet. Since birth, I have been hard wired to “seek the truth.” My journey of spiritual evolution includes formal theological training, where, after three years of studying Hebrew and Greek (which I loved, really!!!), I came to the conclusion that “God is Love and Love is God,” Jesus is a super cool dude and that the sum of the Gospel is contained in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. I am a long-time student of the Course of Miracles. I live at the intersection of strategy and operations, working as management consultant for over 30 years and starting my own firm to serve clients in the public sector. Most importantly, I am the proud mother of two young adult children, who are the joy of my life.”

I met Zac Gordon in Torquay, England, in July of 2019.

He was the last one to register for the retreat I was organizing there and his name, for some reason intrigued me. I looked up his website, and I was fascinated by his energy without even knowing him. When he first walked through the door at the Balmoral Hotel, I knew I’ve known him forever, although we were just meeting. We hung out, meditated together, and that’s all it took! In Zac’s words:

“Hi, I’m Zac! Some of my earliest memories are asking my mom at night before bed why we are here, what are we going to do tomorrow and then the day after that and then years after that, finally resulting in the question, what is the point of it all? Why are we really here? My search for these questions has taken me to beautiful places within myself and in the world around me. I have found inspiration in saints, teachers, musicians, authors, poets, and many other deep souls from all walks of life. I am grateful to be part of this project with Xina and friends.”

I met Mackenzie Mason in Salt Spring Island, BC Canada in September of 2019 .

The first thing she did when I met her, was crack me up. She still does that, and I love her for it. She was so fascinated by Xina’s attunements and the spiritual world that was opening up for her, that she couldn’t have enough of it. I could feel so much hunger for knowledge in her and so much thirst for peace. I saw right through her outside beauty into her beauty within and I knew I had met a forever-friend! In Mackenzie’s words:

“Hi! I’m Mackenzie. Bringing a child into the world made me question things that I never thought to question.  Foundational walls that made up my entire reality began to crumble and fade away and once I gave in, once I let the walls fall… there was no turning back.  I am thankful for the courage I managed to find once I surrendered.  From there, the path I embarked on has completely changed my understanding of the world and has brought me here, to this beautiful group of beings whom I consider family and to a way of thinking that has finally freed my soul and opened my heart.”

I met Daniel Reuter in Tulum, Mexico in December of 2019.

By now, you get the pattern: right away I felt like I knew him. He was an open book from the get-go and presented himself complete and authentic. We had long conversations and I could also gather a thirst for peace in him. As me, he is an early riser, which gave us an opportunity to meditate together at the beach, at sunrise. When we opened our eyes, we were surrounded by meditators who had quietly joined. I knew we had started something! In Daniel’s words:

"I am Daniel. I was raised in the Catholic tradition and that background catapulted me into adulthood seeking for, yet running from, the Truth. I became a student of A Course in Miracles in 2016 after deciding there had to be a better way to experience life, one that didn’t involve self-medicating. That decision, and working with the Course, put me on a path that has transformed my life into one in which I love myself. My passions lie in connecting with people, sharing experiences, and discussing spirituality. I have a diverse professional background grounded in themes based in curiosity, logic, creativity, and doing what feels right. I am blessed with an amazing son and daughter, who offer me endless joy, challenges, and new ways to experience myself. I feel both honored and privileged to have been called to join in this partnership."

And so, it continues:

I came home from that last trip and kept wondering how I was going to bring the idea to life: I could see Xina’s attunements printed on t-shirts and people wearing them everywhere. I could see his attunements printed on canvases adorning people’s homes. I could see his quotes printed on cards and other inspirational materials. I could see it all and I could not see how to proceed. But as I envisioned all this, I kept seeing these four faces. By now, many people were familiar with the attunements, over 30 of them had come through. Many resonated with this work, but these four were it. I wrestled with the idea of opening this whole new can of worms, as I already had a full and busy life, but there is no denying when intuition calls.

I finally mustered up the courage and gathered these four beautiful beings with no expectation, to share a vision. Without hesitation, each said “yes, I am in!” Don’t get me wrong, we all had our fears, trepidation and internal blocks, but nonetheless we moved forward knowing and believing we had a common mission. We soon found out we are soul family and the idea to help uplift humanity brought us together.

In Xina’s words:

Remember that this endeavor is a trail-blazing one. You are navigating unchartered waters and from this, great rewards will come just as long as you keep fear at bay. The five of you have come together in partnership to model the community-centered focus to which humanity wishes to return. It is in transcending the fears and ambiguity brought about by the human authority establishments and regulations that you will create something above them. Remain simple, remain joyful and all will be well. All IS well.

We have now formed an equal partnership with Xina’s sponsorship, each of us called to show up in a different manner and bring in our true light and true gifts. We are co-creating merchandise that takes energy attunements out into the world, and to those with whom this work resonates. Under the Xina Allen brand we offer a variety of products, including tee shirts, tote bags, journals and note cards with Xina Allen attunements and uplifting quotes. Together we will light up the world, one person at a time.

I am Carol.

As a spiritual seeker and student of A Course in Miracles I enjoy delving into the nature of reality and consciousness expansion, as well as inspiring others. As a mother and wife, I thrive by guiding and being guided by my biggest gift: my family. I am happy living in the country, being with horses and reading a good book. My hope for humanity is that one day soon we all wake up to Love and Light.

“Birds fly because they believe they can, not because they have wings.”

Xina Allen